As so many people, the story about MH370 has fascinated me. Not so much the fact that we can “loose” a 777. It’s clear that large parts of the ocean are not so closely monitored as the coasts, but more as to what happened. Is this a perfect storm of mechanical failures that made the […]

While trying to export a dataset to excel from c#, i kept receiving the error: {“Old format or invalid type library. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80028018 (TYPE_E_INVDATAREAD))”} After a lot of searching, this apparently is a bug in the office interop regarding your culturalInfo. More information can be found here:;en-us;320369 to fix, simple do the […]

For a while now, we were looking at how we could easily centralize logging and have a realtime view in our application. Since a large part of our backend is based on ActiveMQ, and we have implemented log4net in most of our applications, We decided to go further down this road and wrote an appender […]

One of our biggest challenges is bringing lots of information in an easy way. This involves a lot of UI design but sometimes, current methods are just not up to the task. And the only thing worse of not doing something, is doing it badly. So once in a while, we have to advice against […]

When researching something , i tend to have open A LOT of internet explorer / windows explorer windows and/or tabs.. I’ve found this “tweak” a long time ago but only remembered it when i upgraded my office desktop to a new machine (yes… i still run Windows XP …) and ran into the problem again […]

At this point, Apache.NMS is in the stage or Release Candidate 2 (Apache.NMS and it has a bunch of promising features and bugfixes in it ! Since we are very excited about this release ( we have entered some bugs , feature requests and tests), i just wanted to list some of the progress […]

Originally from: Few day’s ago one of our project(using wpf and wcf ) going live and we are start getting lots of weird error one of is 417 the remote server return unexpected response. after some investigation and we found its only occur when client are behind a proxy in our case its squid( […]

With our new fiber in place and a couple of extra configs done, it was time to make this our main connection and disconnect the old one… Thinkin this shoulud be a relativly straight forward “replug and play” operation, i went off yesterday switching the connection, adjusting ip’s in dns and the Vpn’s on our […]

A couple of weeks ago, i wrote about my evaluation of code generation tools. Now although i promised to update while doing so.. i didn’t .. the simple reason is: I stopped it. After fideling around with several of them, i thought i was going to settle for codesmith.. Turns out that now, after a […]